1. 2D-Your Image on ground metal

You can send us any image and we can put it on a ground aluminum sheet of your size choice. We put it through our finishing processes to add an ever-lasting thick and protected layer. We can customize the grinds to match and bring out the various aspects of the photo. We have worked with people on wedding photos, business logos, and their favorite images. You supply the image, we bring it to life. 

Travel Polaroids
Super Hero Kids
At the Alter


At Artfully Awake, we specialize in bringing your ideas and designs to life. You can choose from our most popular custom templates below, or work with us to create something entirely unique and special to you or your business. 

Organic Food Badge 9

2. 3D- Metal on wood/metal

Add another dimension to your piece with our 3D metal on metal/wood custom art designs.  

Wood: Customize the size, shape, stain, epoxy, and more. We can also render a metal image to be mounted over the wood. 

Metal: We can put a custom image on ground metal. You can either send us an image, or we can work together to create the image of your dreams. We can then create an additional metal silhouette to be mounted over the metal image.